Beaver Scouts (Ages 5-7)


Fun and friendship is the cornerstone of the Beaver Scouts program.

Beaver Scouts opens the door for your child to discover the world. It is filled with a little bit of everything – outdoor activities, games, music and sports. Along the way, Beaver Scouts meet new friends, learn cooperation, teamwork, and develop self-confidence. 

Beaver Scouts are welcomed into a group of energetic boys and girls just like them. They will meet with kind and caring leaders that will help them with anything they need to know about being a good Scout. They will feel respected and appreciated for their own uniqueness, and encouraged to bring all they can to their group and activities.


The Beaver Scout program is built around a variety of activities that include: 

  • Nature walks and hikes

  • Picnics and camping 

  • Outdoor skills

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Youth-led adventures

  • Crafts and games

  • Community service

BEAVER SCOUT PROMISE: I promise to love God and help take care of the world.

BEAVER SCOUT LAW: A Beaver has fun, works hard, and helps family and friends.

BEAVER SCOUT MOTTO: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing!






These youth raised over $500 for the Red Cross (Fort Macleod Fires) by collecting bottles.

Themed Campes
Themed Campes

Pirate themed year end Family Camp.

Community Service
Community Service

Picking up garbage to celebrate Earth Day.


These youth raised over $500 for the Red Cross (Fort Macleod Fires) by collecting bottles.


Meet the Beaver Scouter Team

Scouter Moira (TicTac)

TicTac enjoys her day job as an Animal Health Technologist at the University of Lethbridge, but she has FUN in Scouting. Her journey with our Beaver Colony started only 4 years ago with her asking a simple question of “What does it take to be a Beaver Scouter?”. Since then, she has been very involved with the Colony and Group - and has enjoyed every minute of it (possibly because she secretly dreamed of being a teacher and is a bit crazy about organization). In her spare time, TicTac likes to geocache, cook and spend time with (in no particular order) her hubby Nathan, son Alex and dog Tsunami. Fun facts: Before becoming a Scouter, the last time she slept in a tent (or went camping) was in Brownies! Moira has recently learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and has discovered that she really enjoys archery! She is also planning on running (or crawling) her second half marathon in 2017.

Scouter Juanita (Swan)

Swan has been involved with Scouts and Girl Guides for almost 45 years. She started as most of us did - with her daughter joining Brownies. When her son turned 5 in 1972, Juanita joined the pilot group in Calgary that became Beaver Scouts program in 1975. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the organization, and teaches all of us about the history and traditions of Scouting. Juanita has worked in many different areas of Scouts and Guides, but loves working directly with the youth - and having fun! Juanita is resourceful, caring, and an amazing asset to our group. Fun facts: Juanita is certified in diving but prefers to snorkel on her water bound vacations.  In her (little) spare time, she enjoys sewing, quilting and enjoying the outdoors.

Scouter Tobiah (Hawkeye)
This is Hawkeye’s third year volunteering with 15th Lethbridge Beavers as a Scouter, but he has been involved with summer camps for over thirty years as a camper, camp counselor, and counselor trainer. Tobiah has tons of experience and ideas about exploring nature, camping, music, and art- his campfire songs are quite a spectacle! Tobiah is also a teacher, and he has taught learners of all levels from kindergarten to adults. He works for Alberta Health Services creating online learning. Fun facts: Hawkeye plays the guitar and banjo, and even makes his own cigar box guitars! He is an avid geocacher. Tobiah loves to search for travel bugs and log caches while travelling with his boys. They have even planted a couple geocaches of their own around Lethbridge.
Scouter Laura (Echo)

This is Laura’s first year of scouting, following her son Elan and daughter Brynn into the fun! Laura is a physical geography professor at the University of Lethbridge. She has done a lot of work in the field in northern and high altitude environments and spends parts of her summers working with lasers on small aircraft, surveying the changing northern environment. Laura also loves geocaching, painting and drawing, playing the flute, and has been an English rider since she was a toddler. Fun facts: Laura works with high tech space technology (lasers, satellites, GPS, thermal imaging, etc.), but has difficulty figuring out how to connect to the internet when it goes down at home.

Scouter Candy (Bubbles) 

Scouter Bubbles is entering her sixth year with the Lethbridge15th Scouting Group (the first four years as a Parent and Scout Leader since 2014). Bubbles enjoys having fun and well really everything about Beavers is FUN! Scouter Bubbles has a kind heart and a contagious laugh ... that’s’ why the Beavers named her Bubbles! Candy lived in Lethbridge for the last 16 years and before that Saskatchewan was considered Home. Go Roughriders!!  She is a proud mother of 2 boys, Deacon who is ten years old (third-year Cub) and Ty who is seven years old (3rd Year Beaver), both whom are part of the Lethbridge 15th Scouting Group. She sits on St. Paul's School Council, and has played volleyball and have since university. Candy works at MPE Engineering Ltd as a Safety Liaison and Administrative Assistant and feels fortunate to have a great company to work for. Bubbles says, “Life is precious and being able to wake up everyday and enjoy the sun, and the people you love makes everyday a beautiful and amazing day. Remember every question you have is a good question so please don't hesitate to ask me as I am always ready to help out!” Fun facts: Bubbles has an adventurous spirit, enjoys coaching, camping, traveling, definitely enjoys building and fixing stuff (all kinds of stuff).

Scouter Stacey (Sunshine)

Stacey is Group Committee Secretary and also a Beavers Scouter. Stacey is a mom to three little boys who keep her hoppin’! She works as an instructional designer and has created all kinds of training for schools and businesses. She loves to camp and travel, cook, and go on adventures! Fun facts: Stacey has visited 20 different countries and has come face to face with sharks while scuba diving. Stacey met Tobiah in Korea where they taught kindergarten together in the same school!


Youth have the opportunity to work on earning nine badges in nine areas with the colony. The youth wears their current level on their uniform.


Youth have opportunities to earn up to 16 badges by planning their own adventures. 


Brown Tail (Kindergarten) Represents the colour for the beaver fur; responsibility to take care of the world. 


Blue Tail (Grade 1) Represents the sky and water and the immense opportunities to explore.


White Tail (Grade 2) Represents the moon and the stars that give us light and help us find our way through the darkness of the night. The White Tails guide the colony as leaders.


The coloured tail is pinned onto the Beaver’s hat. At the end of the year, each Beaver receives a Personal Progression Badge (PAB) that is worn on their Beaver uniform.


This very special top section award is awarded to White Tail Beavers who have completed a personal progression review, five OAS badges, five community service hours, one community project that is personally challenging, and a final review by the White Tail Council and Scouters. 

Beaver Scout Uniform

Beaver Colony

Meeting Information

Mondays @ 6:10pm - 7:40pm

St. Paul's School (parking lot entrance)

1212 12 Ave N T1H 6W1