Group Committee

There are many volunteers positions that make up the Group Committee.  All volunteers positions include online training and in person mentor ship.  All Group Committee members must also successfully complete a Police Record Check including Vulnerable Sector Search, and adhere to the signed Scouts Canada Code of Conduct. Candidates must be familiar with computers, be able to use email and regular access to a computer. The volunteer candidates are nominated at the Group Committee and appointed by the Group Commissioner (note: the Group Commissioner is appointed by the Area Commissioner).

  • Treasurer

    • Records, maintains, plans and explains all financial matters pertaining to the group.  Prepares yearly accounting reports as required by Scouts Canada and the AGLC. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~5-10 hours per month.

  • Secretary

    • Records and maintains minutes and decisions made as well and compose other correspondence as required by the Group Committee. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~5-10 hours per month.

  • Administrator

    • Assists the group with various administrative work as requested by the Group Committee members. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~5-10 hours per month

  • Quatermaster

    • Looks after the purchasing, storage, maintenance and insurance of equipment. Coordinates the scheduling of the equipment. Approximate volunteer time ~10-20 hours per month. Note: We are currently in need of a volunteer candidate for this position.

  • Bingo Coordinator

    • Coordinates bingo volunteers and attends Bingo meetings 1 -2 times a year.  Approximate volunteer time commitment ~5-10 hours per month.

  • Popcorn Coordinator

    • Coordinates the popcorn fundraiser, orders the popcorn and coordinates the popcorn delivery to Lethbridge.  Take the lead in the development of fund-raising goals, action plans and the implementation of these goals and plans. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~20 hours per year. (Note that the Popcorn Season is September - December)

  • Group Registrar

    • Effectively registers all members through Works in collaboration with the Group Committee to create/distribute  public relations materials.  Ensures that all Scouters are active and screened prior to working with the youth. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~1-2 hours per month

  • Group Commissioner

    • Recognized as the principal point of contact for the Group and assumes the leadership of the committee, directly accountable to the Area Commissioner. The primary functions of the group commissioner are: ensure compliance with Scouts Canada BP&P, ensure that section leaders receive appropriate program service and support, review and approval of section programs and outdoor activities, encourage an attitude favorable for growth, assist Scouters where necessary. Approximate volunteer time commitment ~15-20 hours per month.


Contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

Group Committee

Meeting Information

4th Tuesday of Every Month

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Knights of Columbus (5726)

2425 12 Ave South T1K 0P4

Parents are encouraged to attend all of the Group Committee meetings to assist in important decisions - we want your opinion parents!