The fee that you pay at the time of registration goes directly to the National Office to pay for insurance and administration fees. We do not receive any funds from Scouts Canada to run our program. Throughout the scouting year, our group enjoys; bus trips, sleep overs, Jamborees/Cuborees, camps, group dinners, group outings, activities, crafts, snacks, badges and so much more. Our group does everything that we can to keep our costs low such as running the program only with volunteers and using as low cost as possible items.

With over 40 youth registered in our group, it costs at least $10,000 a year to run our regular program so we must rely on fundraising to prevent additional costs to parents. 

Bingo Nights

Do not worry if you have never worked a bingo before! The Bingo Rep will ensure that you are trained on your first night. Bingos can be a lot of fun and you will get the opportunity to meet other parents from our group.


Winner's Bingo is located at 3307 3 Ave S T1J 4H4. Volunteers must arrive for their shift at 4:45pm sharp (unless otherwise instructed by the Bingo Rep). Volunteers will receive a $10.00 voucher for dinner. Breaks will be scheduled by the Bingo Rep. We require 15 volunteers to attend each bingo to prevent getting charged a fine by the Bingo Hall (The charge is $70 per person that we are short), so parents are required to find a relacement if they are not abe to make it to their scheduled shift.


Parents are required to work 3 bingos per registered youth. For multi youth registered in one family, only 2 bingo per youth are required. At least one bingo must be worked prior to Dec 31st.

Questions? Contact the Bingo Coordinator,



Scouts Popcorn

Everyone loves our delicious Scouts Popcorn! Presales of the popcorn start in Early October.  Youth can collect orders with payment from neighbours, family members, or friends.  Popcorn orders are due at the end of October and the popcorn will arrive in late November.  Youth must deliver their popcorn orders by mid-December. 

This year our goal was for each Scout to sell at least $300 of popcorn… there was a FUN surprise for each youth who sold our goal! Pie a Scouter!!

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