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Windstone Beaveree


What is a Beaveree? 

Beaveree is a day camp event for Beavers and their Scouters from multiple different groups, where they travel as a mixed group between fun and educations stations in a 'round robin' style. 

Why 'Windstone'? 

For many years, the geographical area surrounding and including Lethbridge was referred to as 'Windstone' or 'Windystone'.  Although this area officially no longer uses this title, the local Scouting community often still refers to it as the 'Windstone Area'.

May 11, 2024



Park Lake Provincial Campground


Around the World - Celebrating 50 years of Beavers

Badge Contest

Badge Submission Form

Opens: Jan 1, 2024

Closes: Jan 31, 2024

Event Registration 

Opens: March 4, 2024

Closes: April 15, 2024


Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Chinook Foundation, the registration fee has been reduced to $5/person and includes: Hot Dog Lunch, 2024 Event Badge, TrailJam Event Registration & Event Badge!

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